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Student Charged w/ Sexual Battery For "Wrestling Move" - Is Justice Served??

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A California student athlete has been expelled and charged with sexual battery after performing a controversial move during a wrestling match.

According to published reports, High school wrestler Preston Hill has been expelled indefinitely after he used a legal move in the sport called the “butt drag” in which a wrestler grabs his opponent's butt cheeks and places his finger in the opponent's anus for leverage.

The teen's father said coaches taught his son the "butt drag" when he was in middle school and that it was a common move, but the Clovis police department state that the teen went too far when he inserted his fingers deeply into his freshman teammate at a July practice session.

According to the unidentified freshman's father, Hill targeted his son because the 14-year-old stood up to him for bullying. The freshman father also states that Hill's friends are now in school bullying the freshman student for speaking up about the encounter in July.

Although bizarre, Hill is not the first wrestler charged for the move. In 2007, a wrestler from South Dakota was found guilty and sentenced to probation after being charged with rape for performing the same move on at least six other wrestlers.

Hill, who denies the bullying allegations, was captain of the wrestling team prior to incident.

What do you think? Did the student go too far?

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