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Oprah Faked Her Tears?

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There is no way Oprah would be able to end her 25 year run without any noise. Only two days after Oprah’s interview with Barbara Walter aired,

Oprah Cries To Barbara Walters - Says She's NOT A Lesbian! (VIDEO)

now writer and journalist Ian Halperin, suggest that one of Oprah former employees has decided to share some info on the fake tears shed during the taping…

“She wanted to make the interview as dramatic as possible so she could promote her new TV station,”
said one of Oprah’s former employees.

“Her tears were fake. She put a chemical in her eye to make her cry. She has used that technique before on her show.”

Nooo! lol, say it 'aint so?

This wouldn't be the FIRST time someone may have "faked" tears...I'm sure you guys remember Chris Brown slinging snot on stage at the B.E.T Awards for his MJ tribute.
Many said that incident was fake too, especially after, like this story, someone came out and said they were prepped. (click here)

..............OPRAH'S TEARS, FAKE OR REAL?

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