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OchoCinco Poses For PETA But Can You See What's Wrong With This Photo??

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UPDATE: We had to put a warning on the photo...every time we looked at it, it just seemed like he's totally naked! O_o lol!

So Ochocinco did a ‘Ink, Not Mink’ ad for PETA but it seems they forgot one minor major mistake, showing a football in one of their "save the animals" ads!

Though, footballs may not be made of pigs bladders anymore, they are still definitely LEATHER, which is the skin of animals! Ouch! ...... How embarrassing for PETA?

And PETA chose this photo....Ochocinco was already using this photo for his VH1 a few months back. Before anyone says, the football is plastic, it has already been pointed out by others that the football has visible worn leather edges.

PETA did respond to my report specifically, saying:

"The ball used in the shoot is a NON-LEATHER ball."

.....but why not specify that?

....guess PETA is in the clear here huh?

But how did VH1 and Ochocinco know to use a "non-leather" ball at their shoot months before?

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