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Minnesota Vikings Stadium Roof Collapses! (VIDEO)

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In case you happened to miss it, the roof of the Minnesota Vikings' Metrodome, where they play their home games, collapsed several hours before they were set to the take the field against the New York Giants on Sunday, December 12th. The dramatic Vikings stadium collapse video footage of the event shows the collapse, which happened at 5a.m. Watch it below or click here to watch from your phone!

Sunday morning, covering the field in snow. At first there is a little snow falling then about 10 seconds later the roof collapses right onto the field and buries it in snow. Had it happened while players were on the field and fans were in the stands it could have been catastrophic.

The Vikings-Giants game was rescheduled for tonight and was played at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Ticket holders can choose to get a refund or make the trip to Detroit where they will be able to get an upgraded ticket. The rest of the tickets will be given away in a first come first serve fashion.

The Vikings stadium collapse is just the most recent stumble in what the Minnesota Vikings had hoped would be a Super Bowl season. With the return of Brett Favre and most of the players and coaches returning from the previous year the Vikings had hopes of making another run, but things got off to a disastrous start. They lost three of their first four games. Brett Favre became embroiled in a scandal where he sent text messages, left voicemails for and allegedly sent pictures of his penis to NY Jets employee Jenn Sterger when he had played for them two seasons ago. After seven games they were 2-5 and any hope of the playoffs was all but gone. A rift between head coach Brad Childress and Brett Favre appeared and quickly grew to include much of the team no longer backing the coach. Childress had implored the Viking ownership to make a deal for Randy Moss who turned out to be the old Randy Moss who didn’t try and was a jackass. When Childress cut Moss after only a few weeks that was the end for him. Childress was fired. The Vikings have since won two straight, but they would have to win all four of their remaining games and hope for a miracle to make the playoffs at this point.

More pressing is that they were scheduled to host Monday Night Football next week against the Chicago Bears. While there has been no official word, it is doubtful they could have the stadium fixed in time for that game. If that is the case the odds are the NFL will pick a neutral site for the game to be played at instead of forcing the Vikings to play at Soldier Field and turning it into a home game for the Bears.

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