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HOT97 Dj Makes Disrespectful Comment About Haitian Women Having AIDS On Radio - Haitians Protest In Uproar! (VIDEO)

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An apology won't be enough to keep HOT 97 DJ Cipha Sounds on the air following remarks he made about Haitian women.

The station says Cipha, whose real name is Luis Diaz, will be off the air indefinitely.

This all started when the HOT97 Morning show was discussing the problem with AIDS in Haiti and how to help stop it, but Ciph chimed in and said he's basically in the clear because he doesn't,
"mess with Haitian girls."
Insinuating that he will not get AIDS because only Haitin women have it.

first released a statement saying he would not be fired and was just a young man who had made a mistake.

But a more detailed three-pronged action plan to address the controversy was announced overnight.

"First, the station announced that DJ Cipha Sounds has been suspended indefinitely," the statement said.

"Second, Cipha will immediately undertake sensitivity training focused on the Haitian community and specifically, the challenges the Haitian community has faced in terms of the HIV epidemic.

"Finally, HOT 97 announced it will work with local community leaders to utilize the influence of HOT 97 to increase awareness of HIV and community programs to address the HIV epidemic."

The reprimand came after community leaders and elected officials prote outside the HOT 97 studios, calling for Cipha to be fired. He has apologized on the air for his remarks, saying he made a stupid, tasteless joke.

Check out how it all unfolded below:


He then apologized:

Some just can't accept the apology,

Well-known Miami/ Haitian Rapper, Haitian Fresh also speaked out against Cipha Sounds.

"We aint playing over here"

Haitian Fresh goes on to say,

"I hope he has people around him, because it's gonna be something."

Listen below:

And you knowww, the other side, Power105.1, had a lot to say about their rival NY radio competitor. Well, actually shock jock, Charlamange Tha God went all the way there! Usually competing radio stations do not mention each others names, but I know from Charlamange's mouth himself, behind the scenes, that this situation was so big he received "permission" to go in!

Listen to what he had to say below:

Here are the tweets from Rosenberg that Charlamange was referring to:

So after getting the 411, how do you feel about this situation?

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