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Diddy's New Album Cover Was Taken By Someone On Vacation!! Hear His Story.....

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This is interesting, figured we would post it again courtesy of Diddy's album, "Last Train To Paris," releasing in just a few days, Dec 14th.



Ok so we all know Diddy's knew album cover is a "little different" lol but it seems to be quite an interesting story behind it for me. A regular Joe just happened to take this picture...and now it's changing his life, check it out:

I’ve had to keep a secret for a little while now, but finally I can reveal all.

Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Diddy, or Sean Combs, whatever you prefer to call him, has released a new album.

Last Train To Paris as part of the group Diddy Dirty Money.

So far everything is going along normal.

Diddy is a big recording star, he makes albums, all is good with the world.

But then something got fucked up, I got involved.

Interscope emailed me repeatedly, and then called me, they wanted one of my photos for the album cover.

Who was I to argue?

Especially as they were going to pay me.

So I gave them my picture, and then I had to wait for the Album to get made.

For some reason I never asked where on the cover the photo would go. I assumed the back cover with some writing over the top, I like my photo and all, but I never really saw it as front of an album cover material.

Apparently I was wrong.

Now if you think I am making all this up, and I just photoshopped a photo that appeared on the blog a long time ago, let me point you to wikipedia, a site where people call my photo whack, or site that asks you to rate Diddy’s album against Enrique’s.

You might be thinking, wait a minute, how did Interscope and Diddy find this photo, well they found it right here.

Obviously I am not a professional snapper or anything. This was taken on a holiday while waiting for my wife (who can be seen under the G) on a small camera. The only artistic part of it was me seeing the cool red right and going up and down the escalator a few times to get the right shot.

How they decided to use the photo for the album cover you’d have to ask them.

This is the most random thing to ever happen to me, I mean I went on a fucken holiday, put a photo on my blog, and over a year later that photo ends up as an album cover for fucken Diddy. One thing it has made me do is start uploading my other holiday photos on flickr.

It is an audaciously arty cover for a star like Diddy to make. An out of focus shot of a “train station” in Paris. It also doesn’t have his name, or Jay Z’s name, or even mine.

I can see why some of his fans might see it as whack. It isn’t really a cover aimed at the majority of people who buy Diddy records.

I’m not going to pretend to be the world’s biggest Diddy fan, I’m more a Jay Z or Kanye sort of chap, but I always liked his producing of Biggie’s work.

Now I’m a bigger fan, I shall talk about his career by saying Post Jrod or pre Jrod when discussing it with people.

Anyway, I can’t talk now, I only just found out that people really take album covers seriously, so I am off to troll the internet and see just how whack my photo is.

*By designed I mean took a photo.

That's awesome! Weird "album cover" but great photo! lol

Last Train To Paris hits stores June 29th.

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