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Justin Bieber Films Anti-Bullying PSA (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber has joined the It Gets Better Project anti-bullying campaign by recording a new video message.

In the footage, Justin informs the bullies that it's "not cool" to pick on their peers, and encourages those affected by bullying to seek help from an adult.

Speaking in the video, Biebs - who himself often gets harassed on Twitter - says:
"I just wanted to say there's nothing cool about being a bully.

"If you're getting bullied, make sure to tell someone and, you know, it gets better,"
adds Justinn.

"And if you're a bystander, make sure to step in and, you know, help out."

Justin is the latest in a long list of celebrities to have recorded a message for the It Gets Better project - including Katy Perry, Ke$ha and US President Barack Obama.

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