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Jay-Z Says His "TakeOver" Diss To Nas Was 1000 Times Better Than Nas' "Ether" (AUDIO)

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Jay-Z recently spoke about the legendary battle between him and fellow rap legend, Nas. Jay says his "Takeover" is 1000 times better than Nas' "Either" ...Do you agree?

Listen below:


For me, the Jay-Z/ Nas beef was one of the biggest beef in Hip-Hop to date. Being from Queens, I was a HUGE Nas fan, and no one could tell me different! But you can't deny it Nas stans......Jay definitely got 'em didn't he? I'm saying, I'm still a Nas supporter all day, but Jay-Z basically ended Nas' career as we knew it! Jay went on to sell millions, start a clothing line, marry Beyonce, become Def Jam's President, be a 9/11 hero and sit his Hip-Hop ass all up in the White House. I really wish things would have turned out differently for Nas....

So does the question still stands....who won that battle?

Check out the Jay/ Nas disses below:

Jay's "Takeover"

Nas answered with "Ether"

Then Jay came back with "Super Ugly" ....classic

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