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Are Naked Pics Being Stored of Airport Passengers?

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Posted By : YBM
It has become a hot topic, body scanners now being used at the airports as a safety precaution of possible terrorist threats. Protest and other means have been planned to show individuals are against what they feel is this invasion of privacy. Others argue that flying is a privilege and "If you don't like the rules don't fly". Well, a new issue has come up now and I wonder what type of reaction it will get when the general public learns that "naked pics" of you may be stored on file?

After news hit that U.S. Marshals operating a body scanner machine in a courthouse had stored 35,000 images despite the fact that the machines were supposed to be incapable of saving them Gizmodo made a Freedom of Information Act request and received 100 of the shots.
The images, which arrived with identifying features already removed, depict the millimeter wave technique. This is considered to be the "less embarrassing" body scan, since, as you can see, it doesn't depict the body with much clarity. But Gizmodo's writer Joel Johnson makes a point of saying that the higher-fidelity x-ray backscatter systems, the "naked scanners," are also in use, and may very well have the same image retention capabilities. "That we can see these images today almost guarantees that others will be seeing similar images in the future," Writes Johnson, "If you're lucky, it might even be a picture of you or your family."
Passengers that opt to not submit to a body scanning will have to undergo a physical pat down and that is causing controversy as well. Many feel violated by being touched in private areas during this search by the same sex. It has already been reported at least one passenger threaten to call the police if touched in such a pat down. Where is the line between safety and privacy? I think we are soon about to find out just how far our government will go to keep us "safe".

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