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Yung Berg Talks About His Batman Chain Getting Stolen! (LADY T 1ST EXCLUSIVE)

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Ok so we all heard about Yung Berg's chain getting snatched....AGAIN. This time it's his "Batman" chain and you know Lady T had to get you that scoop!

This is a 1ST EXCLUSIVE!

Here's the run down...

After re-ing up with a new, massive diamond-encrusted Batman piece, a U.K. rap artist by the name of Rowdy-T caught him slipping and allegedly snatched it.

Rowdy them went on video, flaunting Berg's chain, saying:

"F*** Yung Berg. What the f*** is a Yung Berg?...Come around me again, I'll
take your next sh**. You're like a candy store to me dog. You sweet. F***in'
cupcake ass bitch!"

So we caught up with Yung Berg and he told Lady T this in regards to the location of the chain:

"Where's it at?....This batman chain is not important to me. I got chains,"
he went on to explain,
"The biggest issue for me was that i'm giving that away to charity, to a kid that loves batman. and now this issue comes up and I might to be able to do that. "

You HAVE to hear more of Yung Berg's explanation in our interview below:

Here's the full interview....


UK Rapper, Rowdy-T responded to our interview with Yung Berg, claiming that chain was for a charity.

Rowdy-T responded,

"I heard your little interview on the radio station today, which was ridiculous. You said that this chain was going to be given to a 10-year-old for charity case... Come on now, come on,"
Rowdy-T calmly stated. And went on to say,
"You got stuck. You're going to give this to a 10-year-old boy for what, so he can get robbed and stuck up everyday like you?"

He also accused Yung Berg of snitching in regards to the latest loss of expensive jewelry.

"I know you been on the phone, I know you told the FBI. They contact my people and start harassing people...That's not how gangsters do business, tell the truth man. Stop being on the b**ch ass level and come see me."
- Click here to watch the video

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