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Uh oh! Kayne's Ex, Amber Rose is Pregnant By Your OTHER Favorite Rapper????

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Rose addressed the rumors herself, taking to her Twitter account to say,

“Whoa…Lol I'm NOT Pregnant…Please ppl the internet is 97% wrong ABOUT ME…I'm not THAT girl they portray me to be.”

Fabolous also chimed in on Twitter saying,

“I see Media Takeout is the urban CNN.. Despite the rumor I didn't get anyone pregnant.. #ItAintMineTweet”

.....ah shucks lol

Sources are saying that Kayne's breakout "model" ex girlfriend, Amber Rose, is pregnant. And who is the daddy????? Well that honor goes to the rapper FABOLOUS.

According to an insider, Fab and Amber have been seeing each other OFF AND ON for about a year (yeah, even when she was seeing Kanye) :x

The insider, who is CLOSE friends with Amber says,
"She told me and [other people] that she's pregnant."

That's two in one week! Trey Songz, now Fabolous? Guess that "Say Ahh" song got the bishes open! lol

Actress & Lil Wayne's Baby Momma, Lauren London, Prego By Singer ________ !?

Kanye, looks like your safe this time! lol

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