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Kim's Back w. Reggie Bush? Get the 411...

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Can love be back in the air for Keggie? (Lol) Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush were dating on and off for several years and finally called it quits few months before Kim's relationship with Miles Austin. However, now with Kim having had a break up with Miles, rumor has it Reggie is making a come back.

Sources have revealed that Reggie and Kim have started communicating once again and the two were also seen going on a date couple of times. They further reveal that after breaking up, both Kim and Reggie have realized the importance of the bond they shared.

Sources close to Reggie have said that Reggie even months after the break up misses Kim and he thinks that Kim too feels the same. Reggie thinks that Kim Kardashian is falling on and off of relationships only because she misses him and is trying to fill his space in her life

...What you think, true or false?

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