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Jay-Z Partners w/ To "Decode" His Life and Lyrics and New Book

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In an interesting move Jay-Z has teamed up with search engine Bing for an interactive game to step by step release all pages of his DECODED book ahead of its release date.

“Bing, the decision engine from Microsoft, is launching a multi-platform search experience and interactive game to help people decode JAY-Z’s life and lyrics. JAY-Z’s words will be taken a step further, allowing fans to use Bing and decide how to find the very locations that inspired them.

Every single page of JAY-Z’s book will be released to the public before the book is in stores, with pages physically placed in locations related to their specific content. The immersive journey will take players from the projects in the Brooklyn neighborhood where JAY-Z grew up and the London streets where he found inspiration, to the building of his empire in Manhattan and beyond. Fans physically in those locations and those playing online with Bing will be offered never-before-experienced insights into JAY-Z’s highly personal process. In addition to high profile media placements around the world, DECODED‘S three hundred pages will be appearing in places and on objects that have never before been used as advertising. From pools and pool tables to bronze plaques and high-fashion clothing racks; a variety of unexpected surfaces will become the canvas for JAY-Z’s art.

And it will be up to fans to decide how to find these pages using Bing. Online, fans will find a one of a kind search experience built on Bing technologies and will be able to walk the streets that JAY-Z walked and use Bing to search and decide how to decode his life and lyrics at every turn. The immersive online experience utilizes multiple facets of Bing, including Bing Maps and Bing Entertainment, to give fans full access to the stories behind JAY-Z’s songs . Over the course of a month, fans will come together as a community to compile DECODED online before it hits bookshelves.

Over 300 pages to decode, located via 600 unique traditional, non-traditional and digital advertising placements in 15 locations around the world and in Bing Maps, 200 prize winners, one grand prize winner and the unveiling of DECODED – all in the next 4 weeks.”

The game can be found at

How It Works

Produced by creative agency Droga5, the game launches on October 18th and five to ten new pages from DECODED will be unveiled each day, until the contest ends on November 20th. Players of the game answer clues to find the DECODED pages in the online game experience at, or in-person by locating the clues in NYC, London and beyond. Any player who locates a page online, or in-person (by texting unique game codes from the page) is entered into a drawing for a prize: the specific page they’ve located, signed by JAY-Z. All participants will be entered for a grand prize: two tickets to JAY-Z and Coldplay in concert in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.

GOOD LUCK....will you be "decoding"?

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