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Free Answers "The Big Question" and Drops a Mix Tape

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Posted By Staff Writer: YBM

106 & Park celebrated their 10 year anniversary this week, Tuesday and Wednesday there were tributes on BET to the Video show that evolved into a culture for Black youths, as well as all of our generation. The whole gang was back, but all eyes were on former host Free, and the big question everybody wanted to know was finally asked for the world to hear her response. "Why did Free & AJ leave 106 so abruptly?" At 1st, Free said "I shall remain silent as I have", but Big Tigger did insist she answer saying "This is keep it real time...". Free stated that she did not sign to renew her contract with the show, I think that is all she needs to say on the issue. But some fans still feel "forgotten about", what do you think? Are celebrities obligated to reveal every nook and cranny of their every moves to their fans? Or should there be a line drawn when it comes to privacy?
Some fans tweeted Free still avoided the question after the show, tweeting she needs to "keep it real" as everyone claims they always do 100% of the time, I stress CLAIMS. Free tweeted her response was edited on the recorded showing, but the whole issue seems to be that she never gave her fans a formal "goodbye".
Where she going? Free released a mix CD during the 10 year reunion and this is far from the end of her career. Click here to download "Free The Hard Way" The rapper/singer has been focusing more on her music, and big things are in plan for... should I say it? It almost seems like her name is "The Former Host of 106 & Park".
RT @missfree wasnt BS just was EDITED to make it look like i had no reason. lmao. Trust it wasnt an easy decision but i had reasons!

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