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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Back In Court For Domestic Abuse Case & Grand Larceny!

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November 2nd, it will be Floyd Mayweather Jr’s day in court again for domestic abuse. On 2005, Josie Harris made a similar accusations and later was dropped saying she had lied and Floyd Mayweather Jr had not in truth assaulted her.

Sep 10, 2010

Whether she really did lie, can be debated because in many domestic abuse cases the victim often will retract their story and claim it never happened when in truth it happened. What made this current domestic abuse case against Floyd Mayweather are the witnesses, Floyd Mayweather’s own children. Especially Floyd’s 10 year old son, Koraun made a statement to the police that he seen his father hit and kick his mother. According to the testimonies, Floyd Mayweather threatened to beat his children if they leave the house to get help or call the police. Floyd instructed several of his friends to block the doors so to prevent his children from leaving(to get help). Whether it is the truth or not, we will hear the nitty gritty when Floyd Mayweather heads to court on November 2nd, 11 days before Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Antonio Margarito.

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