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Man Holds Up Discovery Channel Headquarters For Hostage: Shot & Killed By Cops [PHOTOS]

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Cops have shot and killed James Jay Lee, the man who held up the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, MD, and say a number of metallic containers strapped to himself exploded during the confrontation.

James Jay Lee was identified by the network as radical environmentalist who has had a grudge against Discovery for years.

Lee recently published a manifesto listing his demands to the Discovery Channel ... including the immediate stop to "encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants." Lee also lashes out about Discovery Channel programs promoting war and technology.

Law enforcement says Lee was arrested during a protest in 2008 for disorderly conduct outside the Discovery Channel headquarters.

After the gunman entered the building earlier today ... an employee told a local TV station,
"We heard, pop, pop, pop, pop pop."

Lee reportedly demanded to speak with Discovery Channel executives.

A day care center in the building -- with 100 kids -- was evacuated.

The SWAT team was on scene. The drama unfolded around 1 PM ET.

All of the hostages are safe and accounted for.

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