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Jay-Z Signs Will Smith's 9Yr Old Daughter To Roc Nation! Check out the her NEW promo pics...

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I think we are going to be hearing A LOT more from this little girl. Willow Smith, Will Smith's 9 Year Old Daughter, is ready to dive in to her music career. Yesterday she dropped her song "Whip My Hair" and the net went nuts!

Willow Smith (Daughter of Will Smith): "Whip My Hair" MP3 DOWLOAD!

Well now Jay-Z is confirming that he is indeed signing her to his label, Roc Nation!

"First off, I heard the record first, before I knew that it was recorded by a nine year-old,"
Jay said in an interview with radio host Ryan Seacrest. (FIND AUDIO BELOW)

"I was like, 'Man, that record is a smash.' -- I went to Japan to do some stuff and they were out there and I met Willow and she walked in and the first thing she said was, 'I'm really nervous,' and I thought that maturity, explaining exactly how she was feeling as she was walking in the room, I knew right there she was a star. I believe in super stars and I believe in big records on super stars...Yes, [I signed her and we plan on helping her] facilitate all her ideas. As you're going to learn today, if you sit with her for a half hour, you'll see, she's just a wealth of information and ideas...She's a child, she has child innocence but she has a refreshing clear vision of what she wants to be...And I imagine that's how Mike [Jackson] was as a kid."

Willow even joined the Twitter fam: "OfficialWillow"

Check out her new promo pics cute is she! lol

Willow says,

It’s very very amazing, and it’s very overwhelming ‘cause all of the red carpet and the flashes, all the people wanting to meet you, it’s very overwhelming for a nine year old.

Listen to the audio below...


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  1. Jay should start concentrating on his expensive cloths line. He falling off