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Alicia Keys Asks Swizz Beatz & Mashonda's Son To Call Her Mommy!

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Swizz Beatz has baby momma drama!

Jahna Sebastian is a singer/songwriter/producer in the UK that claims that she had a baby girl by Swizz Beatz. According to a letter her friend shared with a website, Swizz is aware of the child as he showed up with Alicia Keys last year for a paternity test that eventually proved he was the father. Swizz also pays her a measly $1500 a month in Child support and skipped out on her birthday party after planning to throw it. He refuses to publicly acknowledge the child.

Besides that....

Swizz Beatz has moved all the way “On To The Next” by marrying former mistress Alicia Keys, but now his ex-wife Mashonda is still clearing the air about what actually happened to THEIR marriage and the strange request Stepmommy Alicia made of her son Kasseem Jr.

You might have thought Mashonda already said EVERYTHING that could be said, but you’d be wrong!

Mashonda covers the new October issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine and spills even more surprises — including how Swizz was still sleeping with her when he was dating Alicia, why she’s still talking about their messy divorce and how Alicia had the nerve to ask her son to call her Mommy!

On Swizz and Alicia’s affair:

Were you guys dating other people before he got with Alicia? Were you guys separated?

Mashonda: We were married. Sleeping in the same bed and having sex every night while he was seeing Alicia. Okay? It was an affair. 100 percent. I don’t know why people want to change that rule so much. We had just had a kid, for crying out loud. Our child was 8 months. I found out about Alicia two days before my son turned 1. They had been doing their thing for months before that.

On Why She Continues To Speak About It If She’s Moved On:

Mashonda: People ask me why am I still talking about this and why don’t I just leave it alone. I’m like, this is going to help somebody. My story is a universal thing. This is not just something that only happened to me: This happens to women every day. Mine was just ugly. If I can help the next woman get through and be positive, then I’m going to talk about it.

On Alicia Asking Kasseem Jr. to call her ‘Mommy’:

You said that Alicia wanted your baby to call her “mommy”. How do you know that she said that?

Mashonda: My son told me.

And you told her that is not going to happen?

Mashonda: Yeah. I sent her an email and asked her to please respect what I am to him and it’s not right for her to think that is okay. She never replied. She doesn’t reply to me. She has never given me that respect.

What does Swizz say?

Mashonda: He said okay, he would stop it. He wouldn’t let her do it.

That would be kind of confusing for the child.

Mashonda: Oh, it is. It is so unfair to the child. I have been in contact with the little girls mother (the woman in England who has Swizz’s baby). She’s a young girl. She’s a spiritual girl. She apologized to me… I don’t even judge her. I can’t. She’s totally different than the other one. This other one knew. Alicia knew about me 100 percent. Swizz introduced me at prior events. They were signed to the same record company. She knew. And I emailed her and asked her to stop doing what she was doing and she disregarded me. Just like she disregarded me when I asked her to not have my son thinking it was okay to call her “umi.” You’re not his umi. You just met my son.

“Umi” is like “mommy”?

Mashonda: “Umi” means “mommy” in Arabic. I’m like no. And then after I spoke to the lady in London, she told me that she tried to get her daughter to call her “umi” as well.

She’s met the lady in London?

Mashonda: Yes. I’m glad she’s having her own child now because now she will have someone to call her “umi”.

Mashonda: Like, if you want to be a stepmother, that’s great. Be a stepmother. But don’t think that it’s okay to make a kid call you “umi” or “mommy.”

The other day, Swizz's other baby momma from London, Jahna, may have posted subliminal shots at Alicia Keys on her blog saying:

“I give thanks for being a producer myself so I don’t have to f*ck for tracks as if I was just a singer”

and the Baby Momma Drama continues....

What do you think about a stepparent asking their step-children to call them "mommy" or "daddy"??

Check out how some of you responded to this story on my Twitter , @DJLADYT

RT @Mr_Moolah: @DJLADYT A. Keys is wildin. #sitdownson #donttakeitthere. That's her step son and to him she is his dads wife.

RT @lovingteeLTL: @DJLADYT I don't have a prob w/that! He's old enough to know who is bio mom is, @aliciakeys will be a mom figure so y not?

RT @Misx_ChAyy: @DJLADYT I think that's a no no.

RT @MissInformd: @DJLADYT that is absolutely insane ...A STEP mom needs to know her role.. Even if their married she is NOT his mother!

@MsMoto @DJLADYT It's bad enough that you have an affair with a married man but don't go messing up a child's psyche for your ego's sake.

@typereckless :@DJLADYT her pregnancy must have her brain stuck on stupid

@DJ3two1: @DJLADYT alicia is buggin, first she messes with a married man & now she wants mashonda's son to call her mom. smdh

@ a_okafor007 @DJLADYT I think Alicia keys is a foul ho. THERE IS ONLY ONE MOM. Mashonda should slap the shit outta her

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