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Queen Latifah Comes Out The Closet, Shows PDA With Long Time Girlfiend!!/ Alicia Keys Shows Off her Baby Bumps! [PHOTOS]

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Queen Latifah was seen spotted on a yacht with Alicia Keys and her new hubby Swizz Beatz while sailing around the coast of France and Italy.

This of course is still Alicia's honeymoon - make that a group honeymoon? Alicia is accompanied by Queen Latifah who brought along her "friend"/"personal trainer" Jeanette Jenkins and they were showing quit a lot of PDA.

Often when asked in interviews about her sexuality, Queen Latifah did the job of keeping her personal life private without going into detail nor confirming or denying if she was gay.

Most recently Queen Latifah was asked the question on whether she was gay in an issue of Upscale Magazine and she simply responded by saying,
“I don’t have to explain anything. I don’t have to confirm anything. Look, I need my time. I need my life.”

Rumors about the two women are nothing new to anyone familiar with the Queen. In 2008, rumors suggested that Queen Latifah had popped the question to Jeanette. Besides that, Jeanette has been spotted by Queen Latifah’s side as she is out and about or attending events.

If you missed it, Alicia showed off her bikini baby bump! This looks like such a relaxing trip!

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