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Maia Campbell Back On Drugs In NEW Video

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Last time we saw Maia Campbell, she looked like this...

...and unfortunately, a new video just got released where it seems like Maia has not yet kicked her horrible habit.

Former actress Maia Campbell is back on drugs and is proven in this new video. This is definitely not the first time we have seen Maia like this and it's really sad. As I told you in previous reports, I personally know people who have encountered her in Cali and she is exactly how she is in this and the other videos. I pray and wish her help. Just in case you forgot, Maia is from the T.V. show "In The House" w/ LL Cool J.

Check out the new video of her below:

Here are the previous videos and reports on Maia's horrible drug habit being exposed:

Maia Campbell STILL On Drugs? Prostituting?...What Is Going On W/ Her?? [RECENT & EXCLUSIVE 2ND VIDEO] EXPLICIT

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