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Hip-Hop Groupie. Kat Stacks, Exposes Soulja Boy w/ Cocaine! [VIDEO]

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Wow, Kat Stacks is at it again. This time she recorded Soulja Boy and cocaine lines, claiming that Soujla Boy is a coke head! He doesn't know he is being filmed.

The question on most people's minds are.....WTH are you doing chilling with Kat Stacks anyways?!! She is known forhaving sex with dudes, exposing them and setting them up.

(In case you don't know who Kat Stacks is, click below)

Hip Hop Groupie-Gone-Wild! Kat Stacks Airs Out Lil Wayne, Young Money, Nelly, Gives Out Phone Numbers + More! WOW

It could (stressing the could) be her coke though right? And she's just trying to get some publicity from him....

I would say I feel bad but WHYYYY....WHYYY did he insist on chilling with her?

And HIS answer to all of this:

God knows I didn't do that. that's all that matters, you are nothing but humans.

- via Twitter (of course)

Then it seems as if Soulja is actually admitting to "something" ...check out what he says to one of his fans in response to Kat Stacks...

@lilbee92 yes baby I promise to never do that again i'm so sorry, i'm a dummy dummy for that one. its eazy being a real nigga lol swag

Ahhh...just watch the video. lol

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