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Carmelo Anthony Offers Twitter Fans 5K To Slap Kat Stacks! Stacks Fires Back In Court?! [PHOTOS]

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Kat Stacks is on a roll this week...this time with married couple Carmelo Anthony and LaLa.

Melo and Lala got on Twitter and started wilin’ on Kat Stacks after she asked him if he tasted like caramel and questioned his fidelity to La La.

Carmelo then posted an offer of $5,000 to anyone who would slap the sh*t outta her.

Check out the tweets below:

and his LaLa chimed in to co-sign...and let the HOOD out in her lol:

After all of this back and forth, Carmelo Anothony's twitter account suddenly got suspended! If you ask my opinion either the NBA/ Twitter or Kat Stacks people's are behind that. I don't think the NBA would be happy with those tweets. But Melo says he was "hacked"....

But Kat Stacks' master plan isn't over yet. She says she is taking Melo to court for promoting violence against women.

Carmelo messed up here by allowing Kat Stacks to get under his skin. These NBA players get fines thousands of dollars just for saying something negative about a call at a game...I wonder how everyone will look at this situation now.

Oh and did I mention Kat Stacks just exposed Soulja Boy a few days ago too? She's like the black widow and they keep falling for her. Beware of Kat Stacks!

Hip-Hop Groupie. Kat Stacks, Exposes Soulja Boy w/ Cocaine! [VIDEO]


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