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Size 10 & 12 Plus Sized??? One Of Your Favorite Places To Shop Thinks So!! [GET THE 411]

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Do you think size 10 or 12 is PLUS SIZE??? Forever 21 seems to think so.

1st let me start by saying that the AVERAGE AMERICAN WOMAN IS A SIZE 14!

Forever 21 has a section for their "plus sized" clothing and it starts at 12 (on the website) or even size 10 in certain stores. Meaning that if your in Forever 21 and you wear a size 10 or 12 you better haul over to their "plus sized" section.

I know we love their clothes and a lot of 12-year-old girls shop at Forever 21 and they fit into a size-4 like butter. But grown women also shop there. For that reason, I'm thinking labeling anything over a size 10 “plus-size” and sticking it in a tiny section of the store is a terrible idea. Because it’s not plus size; it’s normal. The average American woman is 162 lbs and a size 14.

On the one hand, it’s great that Forever 21 has Faith 21, their line of “plus-size” clothes, it caters to everyone. But on the other hand, why the hell would a retailer want to alienate millions of average American women by saying “you’re too big to shop the majority of our clothes”?

What do YOU think??

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