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Lebron James Chooses To Sign w/ the New York Knicks!!?? GET THE 411...

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Lebron James is signing with the New York Knicks. That what sources close to Jay-Z and Lebron James are saying!!!

Multiple sources say that Lebron will be announcing his decision to sign with the New York Knicks at the Boys and Girls Club in Greenwich Connecticut tomorrow evening.

The sources would not disclose details of the deal but say
“Lebron is very happy to go to an international media market and at the end of the day, he wants to be a billionaire and felt this was the right business move.”

One source says privately that winning a NBA championship “was not Lebron’s primary consideration” in choosing the Knicks.

Our sources say Lebron’s good friend Jay-Z apparently wasn’t able to close the deal but understands Lebron’s business decision.

The Knicks made their pitch to James last Thursday in Cleveland and believe they became even more attractive to him when All-Star forward Amare Stoudemire agreed to sign with New York on Monday.

Stoudemire said he would try to recruit James to come along. He wrote a message to James on Twitter on Wednesday, telling the MVP to join him in New York and saying "Oh let's do it!!"

New York has enough salary cap space to sign two players to maximum level contracts, and learned Wednesday it will even some money left over. The salary cap was set at $58.04 million, nearly $2 million higher than the $56.1 million that was projected.

That means the Knicks will have about $18.9 million left after Stoudemire signs an expected five-year, $99.7 million deal. The team will introduce him at an afternoon news conference, then turn it's attention to LeBron's announcement planned for 9 p.m July 8th!

Being from New York I think that would be dope, but at the same time I have not liked the Knicks for a really long time. My grandma on the other end has been such a dedicated fan lol. Her and all Knick fans will be so happy if this is true but when I broke this story on my radio some thought Knicks but others were really persistent with the Heat as well. Seems like wherever Dwyane Wade goes.


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