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Lady Gaga's Dangerous BULGING Contact Lenses For Sale! Are They Too Dangerous?! ANSWER THE POLL [PHOTOS]

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Ok so Lady Gaga has been in some dangerous situations with her fashion trends lately, getting searched on airplanes, hospitalized, etc. But now she's putting us in danger?!

It may just be the most unsettling fashion trend ever. Teenage girls have started importing something called "circle lenses" that make their eyes appear bigger, and sort of BULGE out. It's all thanks to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video.

Given the fact that no one in the US actually sells circle lenses, and because they have serious health concerns, Lady Gaga's infamous bugged-out eyes were probably computer generated. But now people around the country are trying to imitate that look.

Circle lenses are bigger than traditional lenses. They cover part of the whites of the eyes, as well as the iris. Every single contact lens sold in the US only covers the iris.

The New York Times reports that even though they're not available in the US, some resourceful teenagers have begun importing circle lenses from Asia. The Times found 16-year old Melody Vue who owns 22 pairs of circle lenses and has "noticed a lot of girls in my town have started to wear them a lot."

Asian e-tailers that sell the lenses are being advertised in the comments section of Youtube postings of the Gaga music video. The biggest problem is that these sites allow consumers to buy prescription-strength lenses.

"Consumers risk significant eye injuries — even blindness,"

said FDA spokesperson Karen Riley.

But people are taking their chances. It's likely just a passing fad.

Even that 16-year-old girl said she's already tired of them:

"It kind of makes me not want to wear them anymore, because everyone is wearing them,"

Check out photos of SOME of the lenses they have on the market below. This particular style is called "Hyper Barbie." Wow...

They have tons of different colors and looks, I even seen quit a few, of what looked like, children models posing in the lenses.

These lenses may be serving it's own purpose for the Asian culture, who have been known for trying to correct the "epicanthic fold", the skin fold of the upper eyelid. This lower fold of the upper eyelid gives the eyes of certain East Asians an appearance which seems relatively narrower and almond-like.

Dangerous Fashion trend...or just fun?!


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