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Gucci Mane's Newest Member of Brick Squad?! Check out Lady T's Interview w/ KOLA! [Mixtape Included]

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I got some word that Gucci Mane may be adding a new member to his Brick Squad which already consists of rappers like Oj Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka Flame & French Montana. All arrows point to the next rapper to blow up outta Cali, KOLA.

Kola and I have some mutual friends, so you knowwwww I had to get the scoop for ya!

Will we be seeing him side by side with Gucci soon????

Check out my interview with KOLA below:

LADY T:: Kola, why do you have everyone talking?

KOLA:: Im from West La, the pico area. I been grindin for a few yrs just buildin my brand from the streets gettin people to pay attention to what i got to say. i been down wit djelamentz for a few yrs too. Now things are fallen in the place the right way and people are recognizin i aint to be taken lightly. Ive worked wit Dolla(Bucc) RIP, The Gang Ent., Meech Wells, Kboy The Prince, Roscoe Umali, Waka Flocka, French Montana to name a few

LADY T:: How long have you been rapping?

KOLA:: Its been 10yrs in the makin, 5 of which i been takin it serious tryin to turn a gift of wordplay into a career.

LADY T:: So the word is you may be signing with Gucci Mane's "Brick Squad," along side Gucci, Oj Da Juiceman, & Waka Flocka! Can you give us the scoop?!

KOLA:: I was already dealin wit Gucci and Waka's consultant Big Vee Johnson, we from the same hood. We linked up durin this past BET award show weekend. Me, Waka & French Montana got in a couple joints durin that time and we still in contact bout further business ventures. You can ketch those records on Waka's new mixtape Flockavelli droppin any day now.

LADY T:: What's it like coming up in the game living in Cali? Is that where you are originally from?

KOLA:: Yea im from Cali, the westside of LA . Its a real grind tryna breakthrough cuzz we separated and divided by hoods and turfs and we dont have a real artist-dj connection like other regions. But it's homebase, so i love all my town got to offer good and bad. Im from the "gangbang/entertainment capitol"

LADY T:: Would Brick Squad be your 1st choice to run with or did you have another team/ label in mind you want to work with?

KOLA:: Whatever makes the most business sense is the move ill make, i gotta couple situations brewin right now. But im definitely down wit Brick Squad so stay tuned. Waka came out here and got it in wit both sides of the rag and checced in wit some important street politic figures out this way, real talk. Which is somethin u gotta do if u a outta town and u leanin towards pushin that blue or red rag.

LADY T:: While we wait to hear what happens with you joining Gucci's camp, what can we expect from you next?

KOLA:: I dropped a indy album last year called Choppin Change: A WestSide Story available on and itunes. And I jus released my new mixtape hosted by my homeboy DjeLamentz- Eat Or Dont Vol.2 available for dwnld at datpiff and

LADY T:: Any last words??

KOLA:: Fasho, shout out to the whole West La aka the wiccedside, shout out to DJLADY T the talk of the town, DjeLamentz, B- Ez Radio, AllPro Djs, Bric Squad, D1, RoundTable Business Inc, Moxie Ent, Waka, Gucci, French Montana & Big Vee Johnson. Download Eat Or Don't Vol.2 & tell a friend!!! Follow me on twitter @KolaMac


"EAT or DON'T"

BY: Dj eLamentz


Look out for Kola on Waka Flocka's New Mixtape dropping this month!

What do you think of KOLA??

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