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T.I. Canceled Long Awaited Wedding To Finance Tiny for Flavor of Love Reality Star?!???

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So if you listen to my radio show you would have most likely heard my reports on T.I. and Tiny, saying that they are taking entirely too long to get married! I think 10 years to be engaged is way too long, but everyone has their reasons right? ....Well maybe there IS a reason, and it's not a good one at all.

In case you missed it, my sources have told me that T.I. may have canceled the wedding. And get this........he has been seen with "Hoopz," the winner of the Reality Show, Flavor of Love all around town...and when I say around town I mean different towns!!

Since 2006 rumors circulated about T.I and Hoopz seeing each other but of course the rumors were denied. However his long time girlfriend singer Tiny from group Xscape just so happened to be at the same Sports Bar T.I and Hoops were-at the same time Tiny did a radio interview saying one minutes she loves T.I and then she made it known that things were a little rocky.

Recently while T.I appeared on The Monique show, Hoopz was sitting in the front row of the audience-coincidentally. [WOW]

Before that, Hoopz attended the party at a private stripclub that T.I was hosting for Vince Young in Houston. The next day On May 23rd Hoopz attended a hotel party for Drake, where Drake was supposed chilling with his "girlfriend" Malaya. Sounds like a double date...

Now the rumor is that T.I and Tiny have called off the engagement. T.I and Tiny were set to marry this year in the summer, but T.I says his career is more of a priority.

If this is true, this makes me really upset. This is a chic who has stood by this man through thick and thin. Maybe T.I and Tiny's relationship has taken it's toll, but if T.I was allegedly seeing Hoops almost 4 years ago then maybe that's where he wants to be instead of with Tiny.

If he should leave Tiny he too might as well get ready to pay child support and millions of dollars just like Nas, Swizz Beatz, NBA star Dwayne Wade and Tiger Woods-just to name a few!

I hope this is not true!!

Singer and good friend of Tiny, Monica, actually said she will be one of the bridesmaids.

"I'm the bridesmaid! Me and Tiny have been friends for years. I was 12 when we met."
Also, sources close to Tip and Tiny that the couple was actually together in New York when the rumors began circulating! Since last week, the rock solid couple has even taken a mini-vacay together.

So maybe this is'nt true after all. I will keep you posted.

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