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Ray J & Lil Kim Diss Nicki Minaj Live On Stage- Signs to Jay-Z's Label! Nicki & Drake Respond! [VIDEO]

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The battle of the Barbies is getting heated. Lil’ Kim indirectly called out Nicki Minaj at a show in New York City earlier this week.
“We love her, we just want her to pay homage so we can all rock together,”
she told her fans.
“It’s all about respect. You respect me, I respect you. You don’t respect me, then fuck you.”

The Queen Bee continued to demand respect from her fellow femcee at another concert in Baltimore on Saturday (June 5).
“I’m such a fucking trendsetter,”
she said after putting on a bright pink wig.
“They better motherfucking respect me.”
She then performed “Crush on You”

But wait!!! loll Watch at 2:00 on the video when she starts imitating Nicki and says...
"I'm so far behind this...I did this ten years ago"
then she through her wig in the crowd!

Aww sh*ttt! loll. Now check it, Lil Kim is my BIT*H!!! butttt is this really called for? Can't we all just get along? I know everyone has been hating on Nicki lately unfortunately but I guess it comes with the territory...but do you think Lil Kim should have done this? or does it just make her look bad?

Do you think this all may have come as an effort to promote her new projects?

Well she did just sign a deal to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation and Jay-Z will be the executive producer of her new album!! WOW ...hmm, I wonder if Jay put her up to I swear the Entertainment Business is all wrestling (meaning it's all an act!) smh.

Niki Minaj took it to twitter:

“Raise ya hand if u don’t have 2 diss ppl to feel better about urself. Jealousy is a disease. It kills @ a fast pace. Kisses 2 my bad bitches,”
Drake also took his girl Nicki's side and said this to Nicki while performing on stage:

“I don’t give a f*ck what Lil’ Kim or nobody else talkin about, you’re the baddest chick to ever run this sh*t!,”

I refuse to take sides, but like I said Lil Kim is my BI! But Nicki is new blood and has proven herself time and time again. I think this hating is just getting played out. Seriously let the girl do her thing. lol. But I wouldn't mind hearing new stuff from Lil Kim though! Show us what you got mamas!

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