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Oprah Riggs Votes Against The Handicapped?

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Rumors are swirling that Oprah may be rigging votes against Zach Anner, the popular favorite to win her reality television show contest, who is at the same time has Cerebral Palsy and is wheel-chair bound.

Apparently, another contestant acquired more than 300,000 votes and surpassed Zach in a matter of 20 minutes, raising eyebrows across the internet. Zach had previously been in the No. 1 spot for a week. And guess what this "other contestant's" name is?? DR. PHYLLIS!! ...Kinda sounds a lot like Dr. Phill right? hmmm

Here's the screen shot below:

So far, there's no proof of conspiracy.

Zach is a former University of Texas student and seasoned television host. He also has cerebal palsy and calls himself a "wheelchair-bound lady magnet."

Zach Anner fans noticed right away and are upset with an apparent rigging.

Some fans unfairly criticized the contest by saying Oprah hates the Handicapped.

This video below actually shows how Zach's votes have been staying frozen while Dr. Phyllis' keep rising!


In my opinion, it's just not clear what happened here and who did what, but somewhere someone either went crazy voting for Dr. Phyllis in the last 20 minutes to help her win, or Oprah's people rigged it to make the person they want to win. Like do you really think they would let the public choose who will gave a show? and like I said "Dr Phyllis" sounds A LOT like Dr. Phill.....which doesn't necessarily mean anything BUT at a time when votes are being supposedly "rigged" it just sounds a little too coincidental.

Check out Zach's audition below:

Does something seem shady here?

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