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Chris Brown Cries Hysterical At The BET Awards! Do YOU Forgive Him Finally? WATCH IT HERE!

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Ok, so last night I was all emotional for Chris Brown, and don't get me wrong, I still feel it was an amazing performance. But was it too amazing? Like too put together, including the "crying" at the end. I really don't believe in coincidences anymore and the reason I put quotes on "crying" this time around is , after watching the performance over again, my thoughts have kind of changed.

I don't think I saw a tear, why leave Man in the Mirror till last? Why was THAT the only song he was going to sing?.... Did CB's team put him up to this? ....

I can hear it now...."Chris this will be the way to win the public back!"

ORRRR was I right the 1st time, saying that Chris has been set free?.....

One YouTube commenter wrote,
"I hate him even more since I realized the whole performance was more about him than it was for Michael Jackson."

So I think we may have to do a NEW poll here,


I'm STILL trying to figure this out myself.

I will say this though, I REALLLLLY hope everything was genuine and hope he can move forward, and I don't even mean with the public.....with HIMSELF.


Now you knowwwww I have my own thoughts on the Chris Brown situation and how he has handled the after affects of all the drama. But I think the BET Awards may have been his turning point in his career.

When Jermaine Jackson came on stage at the BET Awards to introduce a tribute to his brother Michael Jackson, he didn't say the name of the performer. He just announced, "Here he is!" before Chris Brown appeared behind a screen on stage.

CB has been shut out of Michael Jackson tributes over the last year, having fallen out of favor with the public after his assault of Rihanna became public knowledge.

He danced and lip-synced along to several of Jackson's hits, but the real highlight of the performance came when it was time for Brown himself to sing Jackson's hit "Man in the Mirror." When he opened his mouth to sing the opening line, "I'm gonna make a change for once in my life," Chris couldn't get the words out, fighting back tears.

I'm fighting tears right now writing this, he touched me so much...I realllly think he may finally be freed of all his's like he was saved by the Lord tonight and I really mean that. Now, I'm not sure if I'm right or not, but I feel it in my heart, and I am very happy for him.

Was he weeping for MJ, or because the words hit a bit too close to home? Like I said, guessing it was a bit of both. Chris never managed to pull himself together, so he dropped the microphone and just sang along with the audience, tears streaming down his face.

A few minutes before hitting the stage, CB tweeted,
"BE NERVOUS FOR ME... im s***tin' a brick right now!!!!!"
I think that showing some raw human emotion might do some good for his tarnished public image... MAYBE.

According to the official BET Twitter, Jermaine Jackson thought that "C. Breezy's performance was Jacksonesque!"

Watch it below:

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