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The "Real" Rick Ross Getting Ready To Sue Rapper "Rick Ross" & Def Jam Record Label For His Name!

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The "real" Rick Ross moved millions of dollars worth of cocaine weekly in the Mid 80's, and was one of the world's most respected and feared drug dealers. he was sentenced in 1996 for attempting to purchase over 100 kilograms of cocaine from an undercover agent. Now, Ross was recently released and has publicly stated his frustration with the rapper "Rick Ross" (born William Leonard Roberts II) usage of his name and reputation!

The real Rick Ross claims, he sent cease-and-desist letters to the rapper Rick Ross' record label, Def Jam, requesting that the MC refrain from using his name, but was ignored. Ross is allegedly planning to sue Def Jam, parent company Universal, the reapper "Rick Ross" and several others.

But that's not it, Freeway Ricky Ross' nephew/rapper, Slim da Mobster, has put his two cents in, and he is definitely not feeling it!

"Totally disrespectful. And it's become more I said, a lot of these n*ggas ain't what they say they are. If you ain't a stand-up cat then don't use a stand-up guy's name. With me, strangely, I got my name from [notorious pimp and Blues vocalist] Fillmore Slim. That's another part of when I was out here in the street. A lot of these dudes, they confuse fact with fiction. They're so fictional, that they're willing to do anything for money. Me, myself, I'm not an anything-for-money type of n*gga...So for me, it just be funny when I hear a n*gga use somebody that I actually know's name and it comes to [known] for one, [Rick Ross] was a cop or a C.O., police, worker, whatever. Now you're confusing people with this picture you painted. That's like you painting a picture and me takin' credit for it. That's like your picture with my signature at the bottom of it. That ain't cool. When you've sat in prison for over 20 years for this sh*t, I don't want anybody using my name unless you're along those lines or you're of that caliber."

I'll keep you posted!

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