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Kat Stacks "Hip-Hop Groupie" Gets Slapped By Bow Wow's Crew Member!! [VIDEO]

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**sigh** This video has been troubling me. Real Talk. Kat Stacks, who is now popular for seducing several big name rappers, has been slapped in bar by some associates and alleged family members of rappers, Bow Wow and Fabolous.

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Hip Hop Groupie-Gone-Wild! Kat Stacks Airs Out Lil Wayne, Young Money, Nelly, Gives Out Phone Numbers + More! WOW

According to reports,
"Most recently Kat gave some remarks about Bow Wow. So in order to take his vengeance one of his assistants went to Kat in the bar and physically assaulted her."

I know it may seem funny at first and I know she talked mad sh*t about people but a grown man slapping this woman?...C'mon son. We all know this was coming to her but why not get a chic to step to her?? I think that would have been more appropriate if that's the look they was going for, no?

It's unfortunate because this video is very incriminating and if Kat Stacks treats this as she treats her other situations, she will make sure they pay for this. I seriously hope this all stops soon before someone really gets hurt. If what Kat Stacks has been saying is FALSE, then these guys should get her for defamation..I don't think a man slapping her up is the answer..

What DO YOU THINK?? Was this appropriate?

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