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Tiny Speaks On Her Relationship w/ T.I. & Upcoming Wedding!!

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Tiny & Toya is back on and Tiny is speaking out more about her relationship with T.I.

As you can see from the pic above, Tiny and her man have a pretty comfortable relationship lol. But the question we all want to know is....when the hell are they finally getting married?!

According to Tiny, T.I. shares a very close relationship with the mother of his kids.
"He is very over protective but -- he's also very loving and very into me,"

she revealed in an interview.
"He's an extremist with everything he does, everything is to the extreme so he doesn't really have a middle ground, but I love it though. That's just our relationship, we're just really into each other and I just can't complain that I have a man that really wants me around all the time because normally it's the opposite, they don't care if you ain't around for weeks, but mine does and I'm just blessed."

Tiny recently talked about her past attraction to "tough" men and T.I.'s work ethic since returning home.
"Honestly I've always been into the bad boy - I can't lie,"

"Something about the bad boy just attracts me, just gets my attention you know? There are some good guys that I can think of now that can be sexy, now that I'm older. But when I was younger, it would always be the bad boy...In the daytime [T.I.'s] working a lot in the studio, and most of my time is spent staying where he is and then we come home together. [A homecoming celebration?] Not yet but we are planning it...In the future I'm trying to work on getting the OMG Girlz album out and trying to get them a show. I have an idea for a show, maybe a cartoon. Also, working on a movie that me and Tisha gave them, that's my partner. We have the Major P productions and we are trying to expand with a production company and also this movie that we wrote."

She recently confirmed that a wedding with T.I. would likely take place in 2010.

There are wedding plans coming soon, sometime this year...Not too big 'cause I want it to be as private as possible. There've been a million rumors about us getting married. It's taking away from the day that we really do get married so I just want to kind of have that moment for myself. I don't really worry about what people say about what's taking so long. like, it ain't none of your business what's taking so long. If we happy, why are you so concerned? We living, we're happy, we're in love. I mean, it's no doubt in my mind that he doesn't love every piece of me and vice versa so we're just doing what's comfortable and what works for us. Tiny and T.I.: Not for the world. When we get ready to make a move, we will make it. We just can't do it for everybody."

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