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T.I. Compares Himself To Tupac In New CD...

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T.I. is back it and this time he is comparing his new CD to Tupac's "All Eyes On Me" and this is stirring up a whole lot of controversy.

T.I. says,

“Just given the enormous success of that project, everyone's expecting the same results. I just want to meet the expectations, if not surpass them.”

He also spoke on what type of sound to expect from his new CD King Uncaged.
“Some songs talk about my time in prison — how I was affected by that, the way I've grown from that, things I see now that I may have not seen then. Sometimes I talk about love, some songs I talk about life, some songs I talk about me being the shit on every level.”

With the King making his official mainstream return in August, the bar had been set high by T.I....Do you think he made a mistake comparing it to Tupac's work ??

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