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Rihanna Sounds Off About Product Placements In Her Videos...

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Damn, I never noticed how flat chested Rihanna is! Well, at least here she looks it, LOL =X Did I just say that out-loud?

Love you, RiRi!

Anyhow, Rihanna is fed up with music executives placing products into her music videos, because it transforms her work into "ad campaigns."

She claims too many singers agree to show off gadgets or designer goods in their videos to boost the budget - and wants to see an end to the money-spinning marketing tactic.

She says,
"I don't like things to be so commercial. I hate product placement in my videos. Videos should just tell the story of the song.

"With product placement, it becomes this big ad campaign. I just don't like that. Sometimes we have to (use products in music videos), for whatever political reason, but it's never my first choice."

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