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Nicki Minaj Calls Her Fans, Amber Rose, Birdman & More On Ustream After Premiering "Massive Attack" Video

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Nicki gets bonus points from me for this one! She keeps it real with her fans and talks to them like real people, showing appreciation (Not for nothing but I wish Chris Brown did this on Ustream -__-) Nicki signs autographs, explains the video, tells stories, and also has surprise phone converstations w/ Amber Rose, Jae Millz & Birdman. Here is Part 1.


Nicki cuts off the first part of this because when Jae Millz 1st calls her, he tells her he just got out of jail and he goes off on the police! Mind you, Jae had NO IDEA he was on ustream loll Nicki tells him "oh by the way, 18,000 people are listening to you on ustream"....I kinda felt bad! Nicki had put him on blast. So I guess she made up for it here as she starts off Part 2 at the END of her and Jae's convo....but take a look

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