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Justin Bieber Gets His Drivers License [PHOTO]

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So the Bieber can officially drive now! 16 year old teen singing sensation, Justin Bieber, has gotten his drivers license. Word is that Bieber can now drive the expensive Range Rover that his famous friend and boss Usher gave him for his birthday. (must be nice lol)

TMZ snapped a picture of Justin Bieber at the DMV in Atlanta on Tuesday posing for his drivers license picture in one of the DMV's small booths. Sources from the DMV told the site that Justin Bieber swept through the DMV with his mother Pattie and immediately got to it. Bieber reportedly did not have to wait in line like the other teens there.

It's good to be Justin Bieber, not only did he get to cut in line, the photographer at the DMV let Bieber take numerous photos so that he didn't end up with a cheesy or horrible drivers license picture, like most of the world. (It's ok Justin, they gave me picture options too shhh.. lol) Justin's rep wouldn't confirm or deny the fact that Bieber is now a licensed driver, but it seems he'll be cruising the town in no time.

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