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Diddy Releases 8 Ball & MJG Off Of Bad Boy Records.

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As most of us knnow Diddy DOES NOT let artists out of their deals easily, sometimes never. But according to 8Ball, they reached a mutual decision with Diddy.

"Long story short it was the best thing for both parties at the time," he explained in an interview. "We never had super crazy stuff happening but just people in general and fans when they heard we went with Bad Boy they were happy. Some of our core fans didn't feel like it was a fit and a lot of them voiced that...We felt like our relationship ran its course and we did what was necessary to end the relationship."

MJG also agreed with the move and said it was time to advance their careers.

"We really just moved on because it was time to do something different...It was never really a long-term thing. It was a mutual agreement to move on and we went on to the next business venture."

Last year, 8Ball said there was no room for growth at the label.

"Yeah, I mean with the Bad Boy situation, man, I think it just kind of ran its course with us, man,"
he explained.
"I think there really wasn't no more that could happen for us [over there] or whatever."

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