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Brandy's Hairline Gets ALL In The Way On Her New Show WOW! [FULL EPISODE]

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Ok so wow...what can I say? loll....Ray J and Brandy's show aired last night and unfortunately I could not even watch it because Brandy's messed up lace front was ALL in the way! Damnnnnn! And you know me, I don't go off on folks like that but girllllllll someone needs to fix that for her. I mean, is she doing her OWN hair?? If not, that person who did that needs to get FIRED! loll Real talk her forehead starts right above her eye brows. I do like Brandy though, but mama GOT to fix that maine because it looks reckless. WOW!

Check out the video for yourself...her lace just JUMPS right out on you 1st 2 minutes lolll...good luck watching!

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