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Beyonce Lands A Spot In 1st Changed Ever Scrabble Game!

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Just as we thought, Beyonce is EVERYWHERE! LOL, starting in July, Beyonce will maintain a spot on the old time favorite board game, Scrabble! This would be the 1st ever edit to the game since it received it's name.

Toy company Mattel tells The Times of the Scrabble dictionary additions:
"These changes are the biggest news for Scrabble lovers in the history of the game and will provide a great new twist on the old formula."

Bey isn't the only one bringing it to the table — in fact, the game's makers are throwing out the old rule book and allowing any proper nouns. The new game not only permits the names of places, trademarks and people, but even words spelled backwards or placed unconnected to other pieces.

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