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Waka Flocka Flame Locked Up -- For A While! / Shoots "O Let's Do It" Video w/ Diddy.

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March 19th 6:00AM

Well, club promoters said that knew Flaka was coming out and sure enough
they were right. Rapper, Waka Flaka Flame is back!

TMZ reported that Waka was not going to be released but according to
sources rapper Waka Flocka was released from jail at 12am on March 19th.
He also wrote on his twitter , @WakaFlocka1017, to talk to his fans via
tiny chat and took the time to apologize for not showing up for clubs
and parties he was supposed to host.

"Whats next ............

Sorry 2 Va and Tenn i cant make ima b out at 12

For a person that cant rap sure goes thrU 2much BS

the guard coming lol GONE"

March 19th 11:00AM

Rumors have been circulating the internet all day that Waka Flocka has been released from jail but I have not seen any confirmation of this whatsoever. The sources that say Flocka was released are club promoters that hired him to attend their parties.

I am trying to find out the most up-to-date info....but right now the info says that Flocka is incarcerated until his court date with no bail.

I will keep you updated.

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame, better known these days by shootings at his concert and his new song, "O Let's Do it," was locked up yesterday! ... and from what sources are saying, he ain't getting out any time soon.

Waka -- real name Juaquin James Malphurs -- is on probation in Georgia for possessing a sawed-off shotgun. Cops tell us he violated probation by leaving the state.

Waka will be held without bail at the Houston County Jail until his court appearance in a few weeks. The good news, his song "O Let's Do It" is moving up the charts. He just shot the video with Diddy....

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