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Swizz Beatz Says Alicia Keys WAS NOT The Reason For His Divorce To Mashona! Who's Telling The Truth?! [VIDEO]

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In case you missed it, Swizz Beatz finally broke down and spoke on why he is divorcing R&B singer, Mashonda. He says the divorce is 99% done and that Alicia Keys WAS NOT the reason for the break-up; him & Mashonda were having problems for 10 YEARS!!! He says she was making him choose between family...

hmmmm....THINK THIS IS TRUE? Because if you remember, Mashonda told a different story.

She has done radio interviews and typed a 3,000 character letter to Alicia after Alicia talked about Swizz on Twitter. But that's not it, Swizz also started to help Alicia with her promotion for her "Element of Freedom" CD on Twitter as well. This is what Mashonda Tweeted in response.

All people want to talk about is my divorce. Wow! F**k what they say or said. I’m a good man but when it’s time to move on, it’s just time! I’m also a great f***ing Dad but nobody give a s**t! People talking about I cheated. How the f**k can I cheat when I was separated, ass holes? It’s been damn near 2 years...

Here’s the bottom line, you were married when you started your affair, you’re married now. And both of you knew what it was. Separation came after the fact. Now peps, this is why it’s important to keep God 1st! I’m not gonna battle my son’s father on twitter about his mistress. Ya’ll WON! But just know! I never lied and NEVER will. Thank God we are doing this before 2010. My new year will not involve this scandal. That’s all folks.


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