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Rihanna Has An X-Rated Stalker & Her BF is NOT Happy!

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As if Rihanna hasn't had enough things to deal with...she moves in with boyfriend Matt Kemp and now she is receiving X-rated letters from a crazed fan! Creepy!!! (but maybe he likes her crazy side she has been revealing lately? ...just a thought)

Supposedly Rihanna is shocked by the graphic fan mail and her boyfriend/ baseball player Matt Kemp, is believed to have stepped in to make sure the obsessed letter writer, who calls himself 'Buster', can't get to her.

A source says
"Matt has asked Rihanna's team to be extra cautious since she was sent two very steamy letters.

"Her friends are also concerned about the situation. They spent a long time talking about it when they dined at the Spanish Kitchen in West Hollywood last week.

"They are really worried things with this guy are going to get out of hand."

Now it seems they have stepped up RiRi's security, check her out as she strolled backstage at the Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards in a little gold golf cart, which took her just 17 metres from one side of the backstage area to the other...

I think the golf cart is cute lol...

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