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Lil Wayne Still Not In Jail: Postponed Again! [Plus Fan Video Outside Courthouse]

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(Lil Wayne on a private Jet on his way to court, for the second time, Monday morning)

Here we go again! Lil Wayne's court case is postponed once again due to the fire at the Manhattan court house yesterday, this would be the third postponement (1st his teeth, then the fire, now the fire again!)

The fire shut Manhattan's main criminal courthouse for a second day and delayed a slew of cases but was an alleged electrical accident, officials said Tuesday.

Cases from the massive 17-story complex at 100 Centre St. were jammed into the much smaller courthouse across the street.

Trials and arraignments went on as scheduled, but visitors to 111 Centre St. had to wait on long lines, and lawyers, judges and defendants were squeezed into tighter quarters.

"For losing the biggest courthouse in the state, we're doing pretty well,"
said David Bookstaver, a spokesman for the Office of Court Administration.
"We expected it to be a bit messy, but we're still up and running."

Arraignments ordinarily conducted in three courtrooms at 100 Centre St. were held in a single courtroom across the street. Unsworn jurors were ordered to stay home and grand jurors had to report to 80 Centre St.

Courtroom 1045 at 111 Centre St. was pressed into service to handle the cases that would have played out in seven courtrooms.

"I give the court personnel a lot of credit for getting things going - they've done an amazing job"
said defense lawyer Stacey Richman.
"It's just that the other building doesn't have the facilities or space."

Richman represents Lil Wayne, who had flown to New York from Florida on Tuesday so he could start a yearlong jail term.
Tuesday's basement fire pushed that back to Monday - so the rapper enjoyed his unplanned night of freedom by performing his hit "I'm Going In" with Jay-Z at Madison Square Garden. (click here for backstage photos of Lil Wayne at Jay-Z's concert)

His lawyer wasn't sure if the rapper would hang out in the city until Monday.
"Maybe he's going to go home for the weekend....I think I would - the weather's nicer down there."

I would definitely go home! ......


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