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Lady Gaga Forced To Get Un-Dressed: Her Clothes Could Cause Serious Health Risks!

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Apparently, Lady Gaga’s clothes were causing her discomfort when she was in her flight between the United States and England.

The solution? The cabin crew had to undress her. Not shortly before this, Gaga had spoken with Jonathan Ross, saying she would “rather die” than be seen by her fans in normal clothing.

(You mean like this Gaga....LOL. I see what you mean.)

Gaga was told by the staff on the airplane that she had to take the ‘black and yellow tape and the big shoes off in order for these problems to go away. She was wearing a tight Alexander McQueen at the time.

What could’ve happened had she not taken them off? Apparently, something called deep vein thrombosis. Yikes

Keep being fabulous Gaga, your fans are forever. Just don’t get any health issues
while you’re at it.

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