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Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Break-Up Or Not?

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Ok so I heard about this a while ago but I did not want to jump the gun. I hate doing that with people's relationships because wrong info can really lead to them breaking up, and that's not why I report about it. But despite rumors that they’ve called it quits, sources say that the Kim Kardashian and her football player boyfriend, Reggie Bush haven’t broken up...they're just taking a step back.

"They are trying to decide what to do right now,"
a source revealed.
"Reggie has issues with her busy life and schedule and she can’t give it all up."

But the source insists that the couple has a solid foundation that will hopefully see them through the turmoil.

“Kim and Reggie are best friends; they really are. It's just more that he can't deal with her life and all the fame she's gotten. She and Reggie started dating before she even had her show. They are working on seeing what they both want." you think THIS has anything to do with it? LOL It was released AFTER Reggie won the SuperBowl! Or this could be the reason for their last break-up....maybe it STILL is...

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