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Chris Brown Spotted At The Lakers Game [PHOTOS]

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Look at him huggin it up with Tom Cruise! lol

Breezy was spotted at the game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on March 19, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

I wish we would "spot" him at like a battered women's shelter or somewhere helping clear his name...It's not like he's not allowed to have fun but I just think he may need to start being a little less "punkish" and more "mature-ish" ..I mean come on, the kid is wearing shirts that says he "always wanted to be a punk"....really Chris?

I think the "mature" side may work more than begging his fans....or if he's going to go with the "punk" image he better go ALL the way then lol....what do you think?!

PS...i just got word that CB's gay fans are furious right now because of his immaturity on see what I mean?????? Click here for that story

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