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Beyonce's Rep Speaks On Pregnancy Rumors...

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UPDATE: MARCH 31, 2010

Just in case you weren't convinced enough that Bey is NOT pregnant, a source is said to have seen her out drinking.

According to witnesses, Beyonce wore a skin tight gold sequin dress as she rocked the Tao nightclub with husband Jay Z following his Vegas concert Saturday night.

"She was sipping on Ace of Spades champagne,"
says one fellow party-goer.
"And the group was out until 4 AM."

Beyonce's behavior is sending a pretty clear message that she is NOT expecting. lol

I know Bey, I feel the same way!! Lol

There have been multiple reports about a supposed Beyonce pregnancy but it seems as if this one ends it all.

A spokesperson for BeyoncĂ© has denied reports in a statement given to magazine Rolling Stone simply said that the claims are “untrue.”

Now we can all sleep good at night knowing the truth! lol...maybe next time


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