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Beyonce's Pregnant?! .........

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In case you missed it, The New York Post (via MTO) is reporting that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are expecting their first child together. They say the news is learned from a “rock solid source.”

The Post checked with Beyoncé’s personal rep, who did not confirm the report:
“No comment,”
the rep said.
“We don’t respond to private-matter inquiries.”

Certain media sources are saying this is not true. But Beyonce's team has yet to confirm or dismiss this rumor.

I'm excited!!! Maybe she IS prego!...and that is why she said she wanted to take a year off.........hmmmmmmmmmm

What would the name be??


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  1. This is the good news about BEY ONCE & JAY-Z are READY TO HAVE A BABY?. I wish them best of luck and a cute and healthy baby ahead.