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Beyonce Sex Doll?! WHOA! "She's Crazy In Love w/ ____"

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Whoa! I don't think Beyonce is going to like this!! LOL I'm assuming she has NOT endorced this one....

"Wanna “snuggle up” to music’s signature “Sexy Lady?” Beyonce Stans will be delighted to know that the “She Ain’t No Beyonce Inflatable Love Doll” is now on sale and available for your — er — pleasure. Manufacturers promise blowup Beyonce brings “Sweet Dreams” and will be “Crazy In Love With Your C*ck!”"

OMG!!! We all know that Beyonce and her parents keep an air-tight team for her...but I would love to hear what they have to say about this....they called the doll a "slutty siren" smh...

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